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  • ABOUT the defund the police movement

    #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE is the belief that the current system of law enforcement in this country is fundamentally flawed. And we need alternatives. Reducing crime means treating the root causes that lead to criminal behavior. Defunding the police means redirecting money from bloated police budgets into community and social programs that have proven to have a lasting effect on reducing criminal behavior.

    Policing is flawed.

    Punitive enforcement of the law doesn't prevent crime. The things you think of for why you need the police aren't based in reality. They don't prevent robbery, murder, or rape. So arguents like "What are you going to do when someone wants to kill you?" hold little water. They are there to punish those that do after the fact. That's too late.


    US police have racist roots.

    The police in this country take their roots from SLAVE PATROLS in the southern states. Formed to guard and retrieve slaves for southern slave owners. Protecting property. Not people. And that ethic still remains.


    We misuse police.

    Police are not marriage counselors. Therapists. Traffic workers. Drug Rehab Specialists. But we use them for all these things. The right tool for the right job is a cornerstone of #DefundThePolice

    Police are violent. And black people are dying.

    From over policing poor neighborhood, to racist profiling tacticts like "Stop and Frisk" law enforcement is stacked against people of color, especially the black community. With 1000+ Americans dying at the hands of the police every year in this country, the point of this being acceptable has long passed. We need change. We need hope. And we need better solutions to law enforcement. We need to #DefundThePolice

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    On paper, states rights and a smaller federal government are supposed to be the cornerstone of Republican party ideology. Anytime national healthcare, abortion protections, or gun control is proposed you can hear shouts of “STATE’S RIGHTS!” ringing in the congressional halls, airways, and mouths...
    Step right up! “It’s just a few bad apples!” Right, but they spoil the entire bunch. And the same can be said for law enforcement, here in the US. While there are definitely, WORSE, police departments...none of them are good. None of them are safe from the disease of institutional, systemic...
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